Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology (INE): ** First Steps for ALL Programs **

Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology (INE):
First Steps for ALL Programs

When you begin your first INE program, be sure to complete the steps below so that you receive all emails and have access to resources.

1Add e-mail addresses to your e-mail safe lists.
2Join the INE Private Facebook group.
3Introduce yourself to the INE Facebook group.
4Join the Unstoppable Health Facebook group (optional - check off if completed or if you choose not to join).
5Visit the INE Schedule page and put all LIVE calls on your calendar.
6Learn how to use the website and download your materials, audios, and videos.

Congratulations on completing the first steps. Now it’s time to begin the first module of your program!

INE modulesHover your mouse over “Module Indexes” in the top navigation menu.  Choose your program from the list.  This brings you to the module index page for the program.  The list of available content will appear in the center of the page and on the menu to the left.


Complete Each Step Below:

#1: Add these e-mail addresses to your e-mail safe lists:

e-mail iconYou may receive e-mail messages from the following addresses as part of our program. Please add these to your safe senders list to ensure that our messages don’t end up in your spam folder. If you have any questions, please e-mail to or

Note: Some e-mail programs will allow you to “safe list” all e-mails that end in This is the preferred approach if your e-mail program has this capacity.

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#2: Join the INE Private Facebook Group and make your first post by introducing yourself.

ERC-FB-Introductions-iconJoin INE Facebook: If you use a diferent name on facebook, be sure to let us know so we know to approve you.  Introduce yourself in our private Facebook group (look for the “Hello, my name is” picture and place your comment under that picture). Let us know who you are, where you’re from,andn what prompted you to join.  What sparked your passion for helping others with their health?  what are your interests and aspirations.

Optional: Join the Unstoppable Health Facebook Group for even more support and connection!

Join Unstoppable Health with Dr. Ritamarie:Unstoppable Health Facebook Icon A free community for people to share ideas and learn about how to live a healthy lifestyle, full of energy and joy. Dr. Ritamarie shares her expertise and supports the members of this group by helping them master the habits that rebalance hormones; strengthen the body; and grow younger, stronger, and more energetic. Join now – it’s free!

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#3: Mark the dates for upcoming LIVE calls in your calendar.

INE schedule(INE) Master Schedule Page: Check the schedule page for the next upcoming LIVE calls and events. Mark the dates on your calendar so you can attend the calls live to gain the most benefit. Use pencil to record dates as calls may shift due to scheduling changes. In general, if you can’t attend live, the calls will be recorded.  You will only see the LIVE calls to which you have membership access.

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#4: Learn how to use the website and download your materials, audios, and videos.


See the screen shot below for an overview of how the navigation on the site works.



INE downloadHow to Download Files: “Right-click” over the download link  and select “save as” to save the file to your computer.  If you’re on a mac it might be a little different.  Visit our Help Page for more detailed instructions.  There are tools and plugins that allow you to download multiple files on a page.  Click here for resources.  

A Note Regarding External References, Products, and Materials:

While we strive to keep our links up to date, internet content is dynamic and subject to change without notice.  Googling the name of the resource you’re looking for may be a solution.  Submit any link errors on the Technical Assistance page.

About Bonuses:

If you purchased a program that includes registration bonuses, bonuses will be delivered at the appropriate time, generally after 30 days (for NEPT members after 60 days), to give you ample opportunity to explore the core content.


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