ERSPC Case Study Call – October 2012

Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Training (NEPT)

ERSPC – Case Study Call

October 22, 2012


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Case #1 – Begins@4:30// 49 y/o female 5’3” 155lbs – seems to be a partial case no labs

Migraines, sinusitis, fatigue, allergies, poor memory. History of chronic fatigue, cervical cancer, colitis, asthma, breast implants, poor diet

Strained immune system – elimination diet

Case #2 – Begins@36:00// 1:00:00 review of labs and health history36 y/o female 5’4.5” 113lbs – full case with labs and health history

Hypothyroid, stress around eating, hormone imbalance (mood swings). Long history of health issues from age 5. EBV age 22, mother and sister killed in a car accident age 28, depression after birth of second child age 33, always hungry, bloating.

Hashimoto’s, possible parasites, stress – NAC x2 3x/day Glutathione, high doses of C, Ashwaghanda for liver and adrenals, Apex Energetics Oxicell. Needs a meal plan.