ERSPC Case Study Call – April 2013

Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Training (NEPT)

ERSPC – Case Study Call

April 2013

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Case #1 – Begins@5:22// 38 y/o female 5’3” 259lbs-  case study with labs and Roadmap

Inability to lose weight, headaches, memory loss and confusion (almost like amnesia), occasional slurring of speech. She’s had complete neurological work up with MRI’s, CAT scans, as well as complete psych evaluation. Has had a lipoma removed from back of skull. No energy. Her temperature runs about 100 all the time. Can’t fall asleep and can’t stay asleep. Gets sick frequently. Intermittent liver pain. Became a vegetarian as a young child, but lived on PBJ and Mac cheese, lots of gluten. Puberty was the turning point in her health/weight. Early 20’s headaches started and dramatic weight increase. 27 started having neurologic symptoms. Lipoma removed and headaches, etc. resolved. At age 34 the headaches returned worse than previously.  Elevated cortisol.

She’s been vegan, eaten raw, has done green juice fasting and still can’t lose weight and feels awful. Gave up Gluten, started taking Vitamin D, B12. At 37, she started the Gerson therapy for detoxification and gained weight.  High glycemic juicing was spiking her blood sugar. She’s taken iodine, probiotics, digestive enzymes, omega 3’s

Started with 1 minute per day of exercise and is up to 2 minutes.  Vitamin D supplementation has taken her D level from 7 up to 85. Possible heavy metal toxicity. Will do genetic testing. Taking methylated folate and B 12 patches. 

29:35 review ASI, OAT and lab tests – 

OAT test doesn’t show anything with gut dysbiosis // ASI – stage 2 adrenal fatigue DHEA is 3.  Cortisol levels are unstable. 

Review of labs – insulin resistant, high triglycerides, possible protein deficiency or malabsorption, liver /gallbladder stress, leaky gut. Could be related to the supplements she’s taking, or the B12 patch.

Summary from the group:

Heavy metals test, possible drugs or environmental exposures.