ERSPC – Case Study Call – August 2013

Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Training (NEPT)

ERSPC – Case Study Call

August 25, 2013

Notes: No video or audio

Case Study – Begins @ 5:45// Beverly O’Brien// with Michalene – Full case study with in depth 23 and Me overview.  Chronic pain (wrist & shoulders), gut bacteria and parasites, tired and wired, using acupuncture.  Adrenal overload. Hospitalizations with general anesthesia and antibiotics. 

Look at detoxification, methylation, mitochondrial function, effecting all systems within the body.

Based on genetic SNPs, at higher risk for reproductive cancers. Needs additional support.

Detox/oxidation – risk for Alzheimer’s – connection with estrogen metabolism. Increased oxidative stress can predispose for Alzheimer’s. 

SOD SNP – decreased activity plus additional need for Glutathione and mitochondria support. If mitochondria aren’t functioning, causes lower energy and function of organs and glands – you become a slug. 

Mitochondria – NOS SNPs energy, increased potential for ammonia = fatigue, brain fog. SNPs in 90% of mitochondria causing issues with energy. 

Methylation – DNA functionality, specifically Folate, 70% reduction to process Folate. Inability to fight infections, reduced methylation, decreased production of glutathione. Increase in clotting issues, Alzheimer’s, cancer.  

Hormones – SNPs effecting liver detoxification and hormone metabolism. Vulnerable to stress due to epinephrine breakdown. Lower capacity for vitamin D receptors.  Blood sugar regulation – IGF1 IF1H1 autoimmune. Increased risk to cancers of the cervix. 

DAO – increased histamines inflammation. GAD1 – general anxiety disorder