ERSPC – Case Study Call – November 2013

Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Training (NEPT)

ERSPC – Case Study Call

November 2013


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Reviewed requirement for ERSPC certification 

Case study review of labs Begins @ 33:00// 83 y/o woman who has occasional ankle swelling, diarrhea, low potassium, low Creatinine, malabsorption, low calcium, low protein, high blood sugar (diagnosed with diabetes). She was taking a lot of supplements with rice flour and eating grapefruit. Sees a chiropractor and massage therapist. Took Premarin for 30 years. She takes Armour thyroid.

Suggested taking an iodine loading test. Result was .6 – iodine supplementation wasn’t working. Gut problems – leaky gut, malabsorption. 

Very clean diet, energy, mental clarity. Chia pudding, green soup, cashew yogurt, she sprouts and dehydrates. Given all that she is taking, the conclusion is that there may be parasitic involvement; however, she is also taking something for parasites.