Institute of Nutritional Endocrinolgoy (INE): Help and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology (INE)
Help and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

On this page you'll find a number of topics to help you navigate the programs and features of INE.

INE questionsSelect a Topic:

  1. One of my new membership programs/products isn't appearing on my homepage/in my sidebar
  2. How can I get help with a personal or program question?
  3. How do I download/save resources to my computer (files, audios, videos)?
  4. How can I quickly save multiple program resources at once (files, audios, videos)?
  5. How can I optimize my privacy settings in a Facebook group?
  6. How do I become an affiliate for Dr. Ritamarie?
  7. Don't see your desired help topic? Let us know!

Help Topics

One of my new membership programs/products isn't appearing on my homepage/in my sidebar

Any time you receive access to a new membership level or product (including access to a new LIVE version of a program you've been a member of in the past), you must logout and then login for the changes to take effect. If your expected membership level or product still does not appear on the Vibrant Living Member homepage or sidebar after this action, please contact

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How can I get help with a personal or program question?

There are several options for getting help from Dr. Ritamarie and team:

  1. If you're participating in a LIVE group program, Dr. Ritamarie often hosts live Q&A calls. If your program includes LIVE Q&A calls, you can submit your health question using the “Ask the Doctor” page under the “Support” menu (just type your question as a comment at the bottom of the page) and Dr. Ritamarie will answer it during the next scheduled live Q&A call. If your question isn't answered within the timeframe of the Q&A call, it will be saved for the next call.
  2. If you need help finding a resource for your program, post a comment on the “Technical Assistance” page under the “Support” menu and your message will be forwarded to a Dr. Ritamarie team member who can help you find what you're looking for.
  3. If your program or product doesn't come with LIVE support, you may wish to consider becoming a member of the VITAL Community. Membership in VITAL provides you with a minimum of 1 group Q&A call with Dr. Ritamarie per month.
  4. You can also contact our helpdesk by e-mailing

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How do I download/save resources to my computer (files, audios, videos)?

Every computer and every browser combination will be a little different as they all use slightly different processes and words.

To download a file (PDF, Mp3, Mp4, etc.) from a link to your hard drive, right-click (or click and hold on a Macintosh) on the file link and select “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” (browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome all use slightly different wording), then navigate to the location on your hard drive where you want to save the file.

Mac Users: YouTube video demonstration

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How can I quickly save multiple program program resources at once (files, audios, videos)?

Important Caution: Any of the optional tools are “use at your own risk”. We do not provide support on the installation or use of these tools, so please only pursue these options if you are tech-savvy (or have access to your own tech-savvy friends or family) and can assess the safety and appropriateness of each tool for your computer/browser.

Many INE programs offer a variety of documents, audios, and videos that you can download and save for future reference. You can speed up the process — rather than saving each individual file, you can use a technology tool to save all of the files on a page at once.

You'll find some resources here that have been suggested by others in the past (choose the one that's right for your browser), but as they are all free downloads, they are “use at your own risk” tools:

Internet Explorer:



Mac Users:

Example Using Firefox FlashGot:

From Stacey: I use Firefox as my browser, and *if you're comfortable with using technology and new tools*, there's an “add-on” (an “add-on” is a small piece of software that adds new features to your browser) called “FlashGot” that can be used to download all the documents, audios, and videos on a single page at once.

(Tip: It's always best to make sure your edition of Firefox is up to date when you try out new tools or add-ons.)

You need to add and install this “add-on” if you want to use it (use at your own risk), but once it's installed, it worked very nicely for me!

For example:

I installed FlashGot and then went to a spring 2012 B4BeGone page (select any page from a program where you are a current member):

The example page I chose had 4 audios and three documents. Instead of having to save them one-by-one, I was able to save them all in ONE save.

You can find the FlashGot instructions via the link below, but I'll outline my simple steps as well.

Step #1: Once FlashGot was installed and I restarted Firefox, I highlighted any part of the page that had a download link (normally the highlighting is blue, but the selection turned grey when I did my screenshot):

Step #2: After highlighting everything I want on the page (it will ignore page titles and anything else it can't download), I right-click and get a little pop-up screen where there's an option called “FlashGot Selection” (this will save anything that's within the area I've highlighted). I select this option.

Step #3: A new window opens asking me where I want to save the files. I choose the destination save folder on my computer where I want to save everything and, once selected, click “OK”.

Step #4: ALL the files begin to download — the speed will depend on your individual internet speed and settings.

Step #5: When the downloads complete, all the files are saved in the appointed folder:

Just a little something that may help save you time if you're a tech-savvy Firefox user and looking for ideas.

Note: If anyone knows of similar recommended tools for these or other browsers, please share a comment at the bottom of the page.

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How can I optimize my privacy settings in a Facebook group?

Many of the Vibrant Living programs offer a private members-only Facebook group where participants can interact and network. If you opt to join the Facebook group, you will have control over your personal privacy settings through your personal Facebook profile settings.

Disclaimer: As Facebook is a 3rd party company, we cannot provide any guarantee about the privacy of your personal information. Read Facebook's privacy terms here. If privacy is a concern, please be aware that Facebook terms include the following statements (as of 2013-10-04):

fb-pset2Suggestion: If you have personal concerns over privacy, but still want to benefit from the private group, our best alternative suggestion is for you to create an alias Facebook account. Set up an alternative e-mail address on your e-mail provider of choice and use this e-mail address ONLY for accessing this “dummy” profile. Do not share this e-mail address with any friends or in any capacity. Do not include any personal information when you set up your alternative Facebook account, and use this Facebook account only to monitor the group activities and to connect with other program members. Set your Facebook account settings to the most restrictive privacy settings available.

However, if you have any doubts or concerns, you can always decline the Facebook group feature of your program. It is an optional component and won't be used to deliver program content.

Optimizing Your Facebook Privacy Settings:

Step #1: Login to your personal Facebook account.

Step #2: Look for the privacy settings area here:


Step #3: Adjust the individual settings as desired. Go through each of the options and set your choices as you feel comfortable. There are “custom” options if you want to limit your posts and content to only specific individuals. Here is a sample of how I (Stacey Terry, program assistant) have set up my Facebook work profile:

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How do I become an affiliate for Dr. Ritamarie?

Not only can you boost your vitality by following Dr. Ritamarie's programs, but you can also boost your income. When you become an affiliate who promotes and shares news about our life-changing programs and products, you have the potential to earn income on each referral that becomes a sale. Sign up and get started!

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Don't see your desired help topic? Let us know!

Use the comment area below to let us know if there was a help topic that we didn't address above (comments will not appear until approved by a moderator). Your comment will be forwarded to our team and we will continue to improve our guidance and support. Thank you!

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39 Responses to Institute of Nutritional Endocrinolgoy (INE): Help and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Ginger Montgomery says:

    where can i find the master lab tracker and the labs that should be ordered???

  2. says:

    I am on the CMDS program, old site, and probably need to be on the new site for the monthly support call. What do I need to do? I only know that the call is planned on the 20th at 1 pm, but don’t know what the link for it will be.
    Thanks in advance,

  3. Alison Grimston says:

    Hi there Team INE!

    Just going through module 19 Immune Assessment again, and I notice that the slides for Part 2 “Blood Chemistry & CBC markers” printer-friendly slides is actually not, but the same as the link for full-sized slides.

    Thought you might like to correct this at some point

    Dr Allie x

  4. Mary Ann Dover says:

    I posted the required materials for certification some months ago, I sent a message to Dr. Rita Marie via the Facebook group and she stated Annett Folcan was handling this process now, but I have still not been contacted or given any communication at all regarding certification. Please let me know how to progress with this process. Thank you

  5. Kathleen Scheps says:

    I haven’t checked the recordings for my Vital membership for a while now. I see the email for the latest VITAL Monthly Q&A Call says my website access is now located at this INE website, but i don’t see it anywhere. When I try to go to the Unstoppable Health community where Vital and all my other courses used to be, it takes me to a new portal and my old password doesn’t work. I submitted a reset password but never received an email for a password reset. How do I login to this new portal to at least get the Vital recordings?

  6. Debbie Reed says:

    I am still confused about the certification requirements. Dr. Ritamarie said something about we can either take a client through the Sweet Spot Solution program or one of our own. I’m not sure how to do that. In health coaching we were given a script to follow and told what to cover in each of our twelve sessions with the client. It was just us talking with the client and then sending them follow-up resources. With the Sweet Spot Solution being slides and a lecture, how do we use that? Do they watch that module on their own, and then we discuss it with them? I just don’t understand the flow of things and how we’re supposed to use the Sweet Spot materials? Thank you.

    • Lynn Debuhr Johson says:

      Hi, Debbie! Great question about taking someone through the process of coaching them through the Sweet Spot Solution program.

      You can use a friend or family member to do this. When you look through Appendix B in the Certification Requirements document you can find in the Certification Module, you will get a sense of the flow you can use:

      Also, in the Implementation Strategies module of IRSPT, you will see Protocols for Blood Sugar Balancing – Action Steps that will also give you a sense of flow:

      My last suggestion is to that after you have someone sign up for the Sweet Spot Solution program, you coach them through that, starting with the first module in Foundations, and working with them through the assessments, getting set up with their glucose meter and other materials, and moving through until they are ready to do the 30-day metabolic reset.

      I know we are looking for the link to give you so that you can give it to sign up somebody to take through the Sweet Spot Solution program, so as soon as we get that, you can get started on that process.

      You can also listen to the call recordings from the Sweet Spot Solution, and hear Dr. Ritamarie as she coaches people through the program.

      There really isn’t a script, per se, but we do give you the tools to be there and support your client.

      I hope this helps. Let us know how else we can be of help to you. This is also a great question to bring to the next call.

      Kindest regards,

      Lynn DeBuhr Johnson

  7. Debbie Reed says:

    There has been so much info in this course so far, and I am afraid that I am missing out on much of it because I’m not sure of what all I need to access. One of the main things I don’t understand is the Sweet Spot Solution. I remember your mentioning somewhere back there that we could either do it ourselves or sell it to someone else. Should we do it, and if we do, should we do it simultaneously as we do the course? Isn’t that a lot to do at once? I am already feeling pretty overwhelmed by all of the information that we have access to. I just am not very tech-savvy and afraid I’m overlooking or not accessing info we should be studying. Thank you.

    • Lynn DeBuhr Johnson says:

      Hi, Debbie! First, I want you to know that you are just fine. We have a saying here: You are never behind, you are right where you need to be.

      Start with Module one and work your way through that. I suggest looking at your calendar each week and blocking out time that you will study, even if it’s 20 minutes here and there.

      As for doing Sweet Spot, you will see in each of the modules where it references the Sweet Spot. You don’t have to do it, but you can scan over that part of Sweet Spot and see how what you are learning is reflected there.

      If you would like to take someone through the Sweet Spot, you should have received an email with the link to sign them up. You can gift it to them, or sell it to them and then coach them through it.

      If there is anything more, please let us know how we can help.

  8. Tami Ju says:

    I’m wondering why my Insulin Resistance modules 4 isn’t opening up to me.

    Tami Ju

    • Lynn DeBuhr Johnson says:

      Hi, Tami,

      As soon as you pass the exam for Module 3 in IRSPT, module 4 will open up for you.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Kindest regards,

      Lynn DeBuhr Johnson
      Academic Program Manager
      Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology

  9. Elaine Watkins says:

    I am getting the goofy SSL warning thing from Google and can’t access Vibrant Living, in order to access GRAND.

  10. Jessica Van Santen-Gerbers says:

    Until when can I see and download the CMDS module, after buying it?

  11. Valerie A. Mills says:

    For CMDS – When coaching a client through GRAND, is there a link for use for our clients assessments to be completed online or should I just do it manually? I like for the client to have the visual of their responses.

  12. Margo Johnson says:

    I am trying to figure out how to upload recordings from I-Tunes for the Certification requirement.
    Also, I have taken the tests after going through module. Is that the requirements or are there more tests before certification?

  13. Heather McGuirk says:

    Please help. When opening the exam for Mod 3 the system is not allowing me. Says the page is protected. Thank you

  14. Thia Farris says:

    For the life of me I can not locate the recording of the Thyroid Assessment which was held on June 29th (I believe). I thought it was a core content call, but Dr. Rm mentioned that it was a Mastery call. Either way, I’m not locating it in any of the files I’ve searched.

    Your help would be very much appreciated, Thanks, Cynthia

  15. Kok hua Kang says:

    Hi, I am a NEPT student and have completed first 6 modules but the remaining modules are not opened yet. I sent my request for help last week but have not seen any progress. Please help.

  16. Margo Johnson says:

    For some reason, I cannot get into Module 3 even though I have taken the test. Any ideas?

  17. Margo Johnson says:

    For some reason, the 3rd module will not open even though I have passed the test on Module 2. Any ideas to try?

  18. Karen Heffron says:

    Is the replay recording of Dr Alison Grimston available yet? I was working when it aired.

  19. Pamela Langenderfer says:

    Hi. I can not go on to the module 2. After module 1 it says to take a post test but when I click on it there is no test to take. How do I get to the next module?

    • Stacey Terry says:

      Hi Pamela,

      Thanks for reaching out! The IRSPT modules have a time-release component. I believe the spacing is one week per module. You’ll receive an e-mail that will invite you to begin module 2. You’ll need to click the link to begin Module 2, which should trigger the actions and changes in permission necessary.

      I’ve Skyped Lynn to check Exam Professor for you and ensure that your IRSPT exams are open.

      Best wishes,
      Stacey Terry
      Program Assistant

  20. Heather McGuirk says:

    I am needing help with a couple different things.
    1) A few students, including myself, had question son our exam marked incorrect and an error was found within the software. How do I request my exam be unlocked? It is not giving me the option to re-take the test.

    2) When I log into my NEPT home page it lists a recommendation to begin with ERC. I don’t know what this is but when I attempt to log in it is unsuccessful. Am I intended to have access to VRM and ERC? They are both at the top of the page when I log in. Thanks for your help…still trying to learn the portal.

    • Stacey Terry says:

      Hi Heather,

      Thanks for writing! I’m also including Lynn in my reply as I believe she is looking into the issue of the NEPT Module 1 questions needing review. We recently moved the NEPT Module 1 questions from the previous system of Exam Professor to a new method. During our Monday morning team meeting, I was alerted to the issue of the exam questions for NEPT Module 1. My understanding is that Dr. Ritamarie had already reviewed and corrected the Module 1 questions prior to our 10:30 am central. But, I see your message has been sent AFTER that time, so I’ll need to connect with Lynn to confirm if the changes have indeed been made (I myself cannot assess the correctness as I have no expertise with the materials). Lynn, could you please “reply all” to confirm if the changes are in place? Lynn indicated via a Skype message to me that there is a method for unlocking the exam for you, so I’m waiting to learn that process.

      ERC is Energy Recharge Coaching, which is the 1-year coaching programs we offer to the public for people seeking to optimize their health using Dr. Ritamarie’s approach. So it’s built with clients in mind, but it has excellent resources, including its own “Foundations” module full of lifestyle protocols. The ERC Foundations program is housed in a separate membership site than the practitioner membership site. So anything we build that’s aimed at clients we put on “VLM” which stands for “Vibrant Living Members” and anything that’s built for practitioners we put on INE ( The two sites are separate memberships, so you can’t click directly from an INE page to a VLM page unless you’re logged in to both sites. The same User-ID and password you use for INE will also work on VLM.

      I did test the access and was able to successfully login as you to VLM and access the ERC Foundations dashboard.

      But as is noted on the NEPT page, you have to be logged into VLM before you click the ERC founcations link (or it will give you a “you don’t have permission” message)

      So to access that ERC Foundations page, go to:
      Login with your same user-ID and password that you use for
      You’ll be taken to the VLM dashboard where among your list of programs will be the ERC Foundations.

      (see series of screenshots sent via e-mail)

      I hope this helps for now until we hear from Lynn regarding the exams.

      Thanks and best wishes,

      Stacey Terry
      Program Assistant

  21. Elaine Watkins says:

    I’m trying to finish NEPT Module 1 but no exam pulls up to complete.
    Is there an exam, and is there another way to access it or how can I get access to it?

    • Stacey Terry says:

      Hi Elaine!

      Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your difficulty. For our NEPT Foundation modules, an automatic note is supposed to be triggered to Lynn to open the appropriate exam professor tests for you. I tried logging in with your access details and have confirmed that it’s showing no exams have been opened, so I’m thinking there has been a missed communication to Lynn.

      I’ve included her here. I know she is flying today from California back to her home in Iowa, so it may be a day before she can activate this for you. I tried to go in myself to see if I could figure it out, but I’m afraid I have no training on the process and couldn’t determine how to activate the first quiz for you.

      I’ll mark this high priority and also send Lynn a skype message and hopefully we can have the test open for you soon!

      Lynn, can you please “reply all” once you are able to open the test for Elaine to confirm?

      Thank you!
      Best wishes,
      Stacey Terry
      Program Assistant

  22. Wendy Van Dyke says:

    I took the test and was sure I had all the answers correct but it marked the last one wrong, so I tried the other answers which were ALL wrong and also marked the third one wrong as well which was correct before. Now I am locked out.

  23. Karen Heffron says:

    How do I get my $100 deposit back from the VIP SHINE conference ?

    • Stacey Terry says:

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for writing! If you attended SHINE as a VIP, then there was no deposit involved. The $97 returnable deposit was only for those who chose only the free ticket option with no food/VIP bonuses. At the event, they then received their $97 deposits.

      I checked your file and it indicates you attended as a VIP, thus there was no deposit.

      If you have any further questions, I’ve cc’d Scott in my reply if you need to discuss.
      Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed the SHINE conference and all your VIP benefits.

      Best wishes,
      Stacey Terry
      Program Assistant

  24. Sara Simochko says:

    Hi helpdesk,
    First, my last name (under leave a reply)is spelled wrong. It’s Simochko.
    Next, would you please approve me for facebook.

    • Stacey Terry says:

      Hi Sara,

      Sorry for the late reply! I’ve been heavily involved with the SHINE Conference preparations and didn’t see this e-mail from you in the usual timely way. Thanks for reaching out.

      The names on the website are set automatically upon registration. So apparently when you registered (or a team member registered you), it was entered incorrectly at that time.
      I have now updated your name in your record and on both our membership websites, so it should be correct moving forward.

      I’ll include Coach Lynn in my reply here as she approves all new members for the Facebook group. She is currently away preparing for SHINE, so I’m not sure how soon she’ll be able to approve you in the group.

      Thanks again for the correction and wishing you well!
      Stacey Terry
      Program Assistant

  25. Favor Sole says:

    Hi, FYI I have received an access link for the CMDS program and I want to introduce myself on the facebook but I don’t know how to do this on the page. Sorry I am not use to facebook Please help.

    My name is Favor Sole but I am using different name on my facebook page which is Chai Sole.
    Please approved me and let me know how can I introduce myself. Thanks, Favor

    • Stacey Terry says:

      Hi Favor!

      Welcome to CMDS!

      The first time you go to the INE Facebook group, you will need to join the group. As it’s a private group, one of our team members will need to approve your application. I’m including Coach Lynn here in my reply as she generally approves all applications. And this e-mail will let her know you’re applying under a different name.

      Perhaps Lynn can let you know when you’re approved.
      Once approved, you would visit the INE Facebook page:

      And then you’ll be able to write on the “wall” of the Facebook group and say hello to everyone (you’ll see a place to write a comment).

      As soon as you hear back from Lynn, you’ll be able to get started.
      Thanks for reaching out and asking and hope you are connecting soon with your colleagues.

      Best wishes,
      Stacey Terry
      Program Assistant

  26. MARY Badwey says:

    Hi, FYI I received confirmation by the “help desk” of getting my personal message (email) dated Sept. 25, 2016. I am awaiting a response from a team member– most likely a different department from yours ??

    • Stacey Terry says:

      Hi Mary,

      Yes… a slightly different department, though our team member Christina who monitors our HelpDesk does reach out to me when questions are of a technical nature or related to program delivery questions. I’ll include her in my reply here and she can make sure that she has received a ticket from you from Sept. 25th. If your question is related to where to find something on the website or anything of that nature, you can also reply to my e-mail and I’d be happy to help!

      Best wishes,
      Stacey Terry

  27. Deborah Deloney says:

    Hello, my ACR- Advanced Clinical Resources is not showing up on my Dashboard. Thank you.


    • Stacey Terry says:

      Hi Deborah,

      Thanks for writing! I checked your file and I see that you are a new NEPT 2016 member. My understanding is that NEPT 2016 members only have access to CMDS materials for now. In January, we’ll be opening up and giving access to your NEPT program (which would include Advanced Clinical Resources (ACR) features).

      I will send a note to Dr. Ritamarie to double check, but for now, your permissions appear to be correct.

      Thanks for checking, and if I hear differently from Dr. Ritamarie, we will take action to open up access to ACR.

      Best wishes!
      Stacey Terry
      Vibrant Living Program Assistant