Transpersonal Energy Practitioners Training: About Certification

Transpersonal Energy Healing (TEH) Practitioner Training
How to Earn a Certificate to Become a
Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner

Getting Started

The certification program consists of 5 courses, delivered in two units, and is progressively scheduled over approximately a one year timeframe. New students have the option to enroll in the Unit 1: Emotional Energy Mastery unit, which consists of courses 1 through 3, listed below.

After you complete the Emotional Energy Mastery unit, you must be approved to enter Unit 2: (courses 4 and 5), the Transpersonal Energy Counseling unit. After successfully completing all requirements for both units, you will have earned the Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner Certification.

In order to understand the value and potency of Transpersonal Energy Healing, Included in your requirement for Certification are 10 individual sessions with a qualified and certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner.

If you just learned about the Emotional Energy Healing unit and the 3 courses listed below, and you would like to begin your studies right away, you may enroll in any of the 3 courses, even if the next upcoming course is out of sequence. 

Check the calendar of classes page to find the schedule of the next upcoming Emotional Energy Mastery course.

You do NOT have to be a certificate student to enroll. Many people choose to engage in this training for personal healing, growth, and development, as well as to improve their professional practice.


(This module is required for all enrolled in NEPT Certification)

 #1 The Exceptional Practitioner: How to Attain Confidence, Competence, and Compassion with Transpersonal  Energy Healing taught by Laura Fine Required: 

Exceptional Practitioner Self-Study EBook & Video course

December – February, 2019-2020 

6 consecutive, 90-minute zoom sessions, twice monthly over 3 months

#2 The Energy and Physiology of Trauma: Helping Clients Heal Trauma Patterns taught by Kimberly Ann Ward Recommended:

Exceptional Practitioner Self-Study Course, available for purchase, to start anytime.

March 2020

2 two-hour sessions, 

scheduled two weeks apart.  Includes one 30-minute private session with Kimberly or Laura

Live or Self-Study

 #3 Dancing with Defenses: Treating the Five Personality Energy Patterns taught by Laura Fine & team Recommended:

Course 2

10 weekly, 2-hour Zoom video conferencing sessions, delivered over 10 consecutive weeks  


7 out of 10 classes must be attended LIVE on Zoom for certification – 


SELF-STUDY, start anytime.  Listen to the replays and have 5 Individual Integration Sessions. (Additional private session fee required)



Courses 1 – 5 required for certification plus 10 individual sessions

#4 Transpersonal Energy Counseling: Applying Subconscious Cellular Healing taught by Laura Fine & Kimberly Ward Recommended Prerequisites: 

Courses 1 & 2

Required: Course 3: Dancing with Defenses

7-days, LIVE, and In-person training intensive offered once annually in 

Austin, Texas 


 #5 Help Clients Boldly Transform: Case Studies and Coaching Techniques taught by Laura Fine Required:

Course 4 or instructor approval

November – February 2020 – 2021

6 consecutive, 2-hour Zoom sessions, meeting twice monthly over 3 months

10 Individual Sessions 

Find a Practitioner

Required: Sessions must be with a qualified and approved certified practitioner, scheduled monthly for 10 months. (Fees vary and are negotiated with your selected practitioner.) Recommended start time during course 3: Dancing with Defenses

Policies for Graduation and Completion of Certification: 

Attendance, Homework, and 10 Individual Professional Sessions



100% attendance is required for certification. We understand that there are times of unforeseen critical conflicts. Please find below attendance make-up options:

  • If you have no less than 80% live attendance, you may watch the replay of the live session(s) you missed, and then must pass the accompanying quiz associated with that required course.
  • If you have no less than 60% live attendance, you may watch the replay, pass the quiz, and then write a one-page summary for each session you watched.
  • If you have less than 60% attendance you may repeat the entire course for half price. All attendance policies apply to the repeated course to earn certification.
  • The seven-day LIVE course, Transpersonal Energy Healing Counseling, must be attended live on-site in Austin, Texas. 100% attendance is required.


  • 100% completion of all homework is required for certification. Each homework assignment must be submitted on time and on its designated due date.
  • If homework is submitted late for any reason, the following terms apply:
    • You must submit each one-page summary write up to a designated Teaching Assistant and pay a minimum of $25 homework reader fee, or $25 per hour if more than one assignment is submitted to a teacher, in order to receive credit.
    • A qualified Teaching Assistant would be anyone who was part of the teaching team in which you participated. It is your responsibility to request your Teaching Team member to act as your homework reader.
  • If you are taking the course as a Self-Study, you must submit all homework within six months of the date of your enrollment, to receive credit.

Ten Individual Sessions Requirement for Certification

In order to be qualified to practice and promote yourself as a Certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner, it is essential that you experience the professional service you are being trained to provide. Ten sessions with a professionally certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner will be required during the duration of your training. These sessions are not included in your tuition, and therefore will be negotiated between you and your selected, qualified practitioner. Qualified practitioners may be found at the website page under the “Find a Practitioner” tab.

    • It is recommended that you schedule your individual sessions one month apart throughout your entire training. Once you choose your practitioner, you will build a healing relationship with this person. It is recommended that you complete all ten sessions with the same practitioner.

If you wish to work with a qualified practitioner not listed on the “Find a Practitioner” page, you must submit a request with your practitioner’s name and credentials to the director at for approval.

NOTE:  From the date of completion of the Emotional Energy Mastery module (courses 1,2,3 noted above), students have a three year time limit during which they may qualify to earn a Transpersonal Energy Healing Certification by completing course #4, Transpersonal Energy Counseling and course #5, Help Clients Boldly Transform.

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