Transpersonal Energy Practitioners Training: Certification

Transpersonal Energy Healing (TEH) Practitioner Training
How to Earn a Certificate to Become a
Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner

Getting Started

The certification program is progressively scheduled over the course of approximately one year. You have the option to enroll in the entire program and take Modules 1 through 10 progressively.

If you just learned about the Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner Certification opportunity and would like to begin your studies right away, you may enroll in the next upcoming scheduled module, even if it’s out of sequence (with the exception of Module 6).

You do NOT have to be a certificate student to enroll in any of these modules except for Module. You must apply and be accepted or have instructor approval to enroll in Module 6.

It is required to apply or have instructor approval to attend Module 6: Transpersonal Energy Counseling, a 5-day, IN PERSON training.

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100 % attendance is required for certification.

If you miss a class, most sessions, except for module 4 and 6, may be made up through viewing the recorded sessions and successfully completing the accompanying quiz.

In order to achieve certification, you must:

  • Complete modules 1 through 10
  • Have 100% attendance
  • Complete and pass a quiz at the end of each module
  • Complete all assignments
  • Attend a 30-minute, mid-program self-assessment interview
  • Complete 10 individual Transpersonal Energy Healing Counseling sessions with a qualified, approved and certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Present and demonstrate achievement of skills through a final case study.

Students who successfully complete the training and all assignments receive a Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner Certification and may be qualified to be listed on the recommended list as a certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner.

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