Transpersonal Energy Practitioners Training: About Certification

Transpersonal Energy Healing (TEH) Practitioner Training
How to Earn a Certificate to Become a
Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner

Getting Started

The certification program is progressively scheduled over the course of approximately one year. You have the option to enroll in the entire program and take Modules 1 through 10 progressively.

If you just learned about the Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner Certification opportunity and would like to begin your studies right away, you may enroll in the next upcoming scheduled module, even if it’s out of sequence (with the exception of Module 6).

You do NOT have to be a certificate student to enroll in any of these modules.

It is required to apply or have instructor approval to attend Module 6: Transpersonal Energy Counseling, a 5-day, IN PERSON training.

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Policies for Graduation and Completion of Certification


  • 100% live video conferencing or in-person attendance (Transpersonal Energy Healing Counseling only), is required to earn a Transpersonal Energy Healing Certificate.
  • If you have no less than 80% live attendance you may watch the replay for the live session you miss, and pass the accompanying quiz associated with that required course.
  • If you have no less than 60% attendance you may watch the replay, pass the quiz and write a one-page summary for each replay session you watched.
  • You must submit each one-page summary write up to a designated Teaching Assistant and pay a $25 homework reader fee to the Teaching Team Assistant for each one-page summary you submit.
  • A qualified Teaching Assistant would be anyone who was part of the teaching team for the class in which you participated. It will be your responsibility to request your Teaching Team member to act as your homework reader.
  • If you have less than 60% attendance you may repeat the entire course for half price. All attendance policies still apply to the repeated course.
  • The five-day course, Transpersonal Energy Healing Counseling: Subconscious Cellular Healing, five-day class must be attended live on-site at the Ancient Yoga Center in Austin, Texas.


  • 100% completion of all homework is required. Each homework assignment must be submitted on time at its designated due date.
  • Any homework submitted more than two weeks late will require a homework reader fee of a minimum of $25 for each late assignment or $25 per hour if more than one assignment is submitted to a teacher, in order to receive credit.

Individual Session Requirement

  • In order to be qualified to practice and promote yourself as a Certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner, it is essential that you experience ten sessions with a professionally certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner. Qualified practitioners may be found on the website under the “Find a Practitioner” tab.
  • It is recommended that students schedule these sessions no more than one month apart throughout your training. Once you choose your practitioner, you will build a healing relationship with this person. It is recommended that complete all ten sessions with the same practitioner.
  • If you wish to work with a qualified practitioner not listed on the “Find a Practitioner” page, you must submit a request with your practitioners name and credentials to the director, for approval.

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