Transpersonal Energy Practitioners Training: The Purpose

Transpersonal Energy Healing (TEH)

Practitioner Certification Training

Practitioners have a massive responsibility to assist their client in their ability to implement your personally recommended treatment plan.

In order to succeed in this implementation, your clients must face the deep seated emotional and psychological pain patterns that contributed to the creation of their health problems.

Transpersonal Energy Healing (TEH) teaches you,

Subconscious Cellular Healing: A Practitioner's System for Dissolving the Resistances that Keep Clients Stuck in Self-Sabotaging Behaviors.


The Purpose


Our mission is to help practitioners consistently access their inherent inner wisdom so they can help their clients to do the same in order to facilitate healing.

Our natural state is one of open-hearted love and receptivity. We have an inherent ability to be centered, peaceful, and connected to the wisdom of our heart, the essence of who we truly are, what we refer to in Transpersonal Energy Healing as our Essential Self.

When we sit with clients facing health dilemmas, we have a great desire to see them get well. We care. We want and need to have access to our Self at Best, our Essential Self, but we struggle with insecurity, self-doubt, fear of failure, subtle ego, inability to deeply connect with our clients, and many other challenges.

Instead of focusing on what is wrong with a person, TEH practitioners learn to ignite the client's powerful immune system, culturing  focus on what’s whole and right about our clients, allowing their natural mind/body wisdom to exponentially facilitate recovery.

What is Transpersonal Energy Healing?

TEH is a unique dialogue system that enhances the client's mind/body awareness and allows the practitioner to track the client's self-discovery of what lives in their subconscious in order to effect healing on the cellular level. Practitioner and client together track the unwinding of energy to its original roots. Once there, a physical/emotional combustion-like natural conversion occurs.

The TEH Practitioner provides a crucial guidance system that establishes trust and rapport, creating a healing bond that accelerates healthy transformation. 

Why practitioners NEED Transpersonal Energy Healing

Learning to open and track the energy system speeds up the Practitioner's personal self-healing, and provides a technique to support holistic healing for others.

Whether you work professionally in the field of therapy, coaching, or counseling, or simply want a system to help you heal yourself, it’s imperative you know how to develop the following skills that are included in the TEH training:

  • How to be fully present
  • Recognize when and how to shift out of being stuck
  • Establish professional warmth and rapport
  • Respond effectively
  • Manage emotions
  • Understand how emotions and beliefs impede or facilitate healing
  • Listen without judgment
  • Keep ego and insecurities out of the way
  • Create a healing relationship and environment
  • Be compassionately supportive without taking on your clients’ issues
  • Identify and respond to the presence of trauma or how to properly refer out
  • Charge, clear, and balance the chakra energy system for health benefits
  • Learn the 5 primary Personality Energy Patterns, and how they impact health
  • Recognize and respond to natural resistance to growth
  • Become conscious of how we unconsciously use defenses to impede healing
  • How to create an energy connection with your clients to increase trust
  • How to create clear, healthy boundaries for self-care and healthy client relationships
  • Have a counseling system that works to help practitioners facilitate transformation in clients by bringing them to the psychological/physiological root cause of the issue
  • Learn how emotional experiences impact the health of our physiology and how to assist healing of the physical body

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